About me

Hi! I am Anupama Amur Pujar.

I grew up in Dharwad, a town in the southern state of India in Karnataka. Ever since I was a child, I immensely enjoyed the plethora of local delicacies. From the wholesome ‘Jolada rotti oota’ at a Khanavali or homemade chapati palya, anna saaru, chutney, to occasional specials like holige, kadabu along with the festive savouries like chakkli, undi, karchikayi, to evening chats near Karnatak Science College (KCD) like gobi manchuri, sev puri, masala puri, paani puri or the Amingad Pav bhaji and Rose milk.  Of course, how can I forget the breakfast classics like Avalakki, Uppittu, Paddu, Dose and Idly with the all time and everyone’s’ favourite magic potion: Chaa(Indian tea)!

Dharwad has a unique character. I find the people here to be genuine and bond very well. It is also a student town and is ornate with Musicians, Poets, and writers, one of them being my own grandfather. He is a retired professor of literature, contemporary writer and a critic in Kannada and English languages. He is also a recipient of several prestigious awards. 

Now, let me bring the gaze back on me. I feel privileged to be born and raised in an environment where knowledge and intellectualism is in the air with greenery spread all over the place. I studied BE in Computer Science in India and studied M.Sc. in Information and Communication Systems from a Technical University in Germany. 

While studying in Germany, I missed the Indian delicacies, it was as if my soul was missing. Until then, I used to cook, but never was an expert. I slowly started watching YouTube videos and similar such sources and started to evolve myself into a little more than just an average cook. While my culinary journey had just begun, my husband suggested me to go public and share my skills on Instagram. I slept over the idea and seemed like a decent idea and I opened an Instagram account, which you know by now. And thank you for being with me on this incredible journey. 

I strive to be authentic and raw in my posts with dishes served, just the way we have it at home, with just a bit of plating to cater to the creative eyes. I also share the stories and emotions associated with them, and of course the recipes to make them yourself and enjoy!  

My Mission

Through my blog, I want to share recipes that are passed onto me by my elders, healthy, vegetarian, easy to cook and delicious. If you have read so far and enjoyed what you read, join me in my kitchen – “DHARWADGIRLCOOKS”