Satyanarayan Prasad

Satyanarayan Prasad

Also known as Sapada Bhaksha / Sheera.

Satyanarayan prasad or sapada bhaksha is a very special dish to me. Not only because it is tasty and made for Satyanarayan Pooja but also because this is the only dish that my husband and my daughter loves it a lot. My husband usually does not ask me to make anything special for him except Sapada bhaksha. My 10 month old daughter is a fussy eater but when it comes to Sheera, she has it like a pro and makes me a super happy mommy! Its is so easy to make this prasada not only for Satyanarayan Puja but it can be made whenever you feel like having a sweet dish. This Sheera can be made in a jiffy.

When I was a kid, I loved going to temples for the sake of Prasada. Tirupati prasada and Satyanarayan Prasada are two very special dishes to me and my favorite too! I did not mind waiting in line for these yummy treats. During Satyanarayan Puja, I used to wait eagerly for the story to finish so that I can savour the yummy Prasada (though, I am not so proud of it now). Do you also share the same feelings?

Satyanarayan prasada requires only a few ingredients that are usually available at home and it is very easy to make. This is such a royal recipe with richness of ghee, dry fruits, milk and cardamom. Whenever I make this sweet my entire house smells so good. Sapada bhaksha when made as an offering to God and served hot on a banana leaf has such unique, divine taste all together. I am so tempted to make Sheera right now as I am writing this recipe. Without any further delay, let’s jump right into the recipe!

Satyanarayan Prasada

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Dessert, naivedya, prasad, prasada
Cuisine Indian, Karnataka, South Indian
Servings 2


  • ¼ cup Rava / Semolina
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • 1 cup milk
  • ¼ cup ghee
  • 3 tbsp dry fruits (cashew and raisins) you can add dry fruits of your choice
  • ¼ tsp cardamom powder
  • ½ banana chopped


  • Add half the 1 tbsp ghee to a pan and fry the dry fruits till they turn slightly golden in colour. After frying keep it aside.
  • Add Rava to the same pan and roast for 2-3 minutes until you get a nice aroma.
  • Add milk little by little and mix.
  • Add the chopped banana and keep mixing by stirring continuously.
  • Once the rava, milk and banana mixture thickens, add sugar and mix.
  • Add the remaining ghee little by little and mix.
  • Once the desired consistency is reached, add the fried dry fruits and it is ready!


  • Keep the flame on low-medium.
  • Do not add milk directly from the refrigerator. Take it out an hour before making the Sheera.
  • Ensure that there are no lumps after adding milk.
  • Add ripened banana to make it more delicious and flavorful.
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