• Satyanarayan Prasad
    Also known as Sapada Bhaksha / Sheera. Satyanarayan prasad or sapada bhaksha is a very special dish to me. Not only because it is tasty and made for Satyanarayan Pooja but also because this is the only dish that my husband and my daughter loves 
  • Jolada Vadi / Jowar Poori
    North Karnataka Recipe Jolada vadi / Jowar poori is a typical North Karnataka recipe. Jowar poori is a nutritious and healthy recipe. You can make it gluten – free by omitting wheat flour. Jola or Sorghum is a superfood. It is diabetic friendly and good 
  • Malnad Style Beetroot Pulao
    For me, Malnad region are the heavens of Karnataka. I instantly fell in love Malnad region when I visited Sringeri for the first time. I fell more deeply in love with the region after I saw the homes that were in the series – Malgudi 
  • Jhunka
    Jhunka/Zunka/Pithla is a simple dish made with very few ingredients and tastes very good. After a long day or after a long travel, I always feel like eating something comforting and soothing to relax those tired muscles and to feel like myself again. For our 
  • Agasi Hasi Chutney / Flax Seeds Chutney
    I learnt this recipe from my husband’s grandmother who is a very great home Chef. I have learnt quite a lot of recipes from her. She cooks with great ease. When I cooked with her, she shared some interesting stories about how she learnt the